The secrets of Successful Forex Traders

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Successful tradersWhile a lot of people engage in forex trading, it is only a very minute percentage of traders that actually succeed in the forex market. The greater percentage of traders finds that they are unable to meet their trading goals and thus are unsuccessful. Indeed the popular saying in the industry that roughly 70 percent of forex traders lose their investment while the rest percentage sees themselves as successful. Only roughly 10 to 15 percent are very successful and make their livelihood from the funds they generate from forex trading.

In this article, we have shared the secrets of the few successful traders. By engaging in these practices of successful traders, you are bound to boost your earnings.

Successful Forex traders are relentless: Never give up

Majorities of retail forex traders aim to make quick gain trading forex  but successful traders have a different attitude to trade. For them, success means more than just quick gains.

They are aware that success means developing strategies that would guarantee profits on a constant basis. Such trading strategies must also be geared towards helping them minimize they’re lost as much as possible. They also know that this process takes time since there are several learning curves along the way that need to be overcome.

Successful traders engage in trading over a long period of time and they are willing to learn all they need to master the art of trade and learn forex trading skills.

Successful Traders delve into the market with premeditated Risks

Trading the forex is a risky thing to do. All forex traders are aware of these risks to trade. However, successful forex traders take a premeditated risk so they are not taking unaware. What this implies is that they estimate the risks of every currency pair they want to trade in before they delve into the market.

A successful trader does not trade randomly like others. He estimates the risk and the potential amount of money he would lose in every trade before every trade. He also calculates before the time the no of lots he must lock up in every trade to ensure that the risks stay within the chosen limits. He does this with the stop-loss and this helps him to be in the market longer than the average trader.

Successful Traders maintain Their trading Strategy

Many forex traders do the exact opposite of what they stipulate in their forex trading strategy. If you want to join the legion of successful forex traders, you must do all in your power to keep to what is stipulated in your trading strategy. Do your utmost to resist the compulsion to go against it.  It can make you lose the fund you would not have lost otherwise. If you want to make a profit regularly while trading forex, you must maintain your initial trading strategy irrespective of whether other traders are moving along with you or not.

Successful forex Traders trade with Price Action

Successful forex Traders trade with Price Action

Human psyche to a great extent controls determines what happened in the forex market. This means that if a forex expert is able to ascertain what is in the minds of forex traders, they would be able to make better and more precise predictions.

The successful Forex trader makes use of technical analysis in their trading because they are aware that all the trading information they require is exemplified in the way they believe that everything they need to know is already reflected in how the price of a currency pair is moving. The successful trader, thus, is very good at technical analysis and price action trading.


Successful forex traders don’t relent. They as well take premeditated risks. They as well maintain their trading strategy irrespective of whether the other traders are doing the same thing or not. They are confident that they will follow their trading strategy and they do everything to stay away from impulsive trading.

Price action plays a key role in the trading decision of successful traders. They are also proficient in technical analysis and price movements.