Tricks to Improve Your Pin Bar trading strategy

The Pin Bar trading strategy is a well-liked and popularly used trading signal among forex traders. Forex traders have a lot of ways they make use of Pin Bar in trading, and these can be daunting to inexperienced traders. Extensive numbers of forex traders strive to discover one solution for how the pattern can be readily utilized to trade forex. However, traders that are well experienced are aware that forex trading is not just something that can be achieved through one single strategy. Forex trading is all about estimation and the potential can result in our evaluation.  This article discusses how you can trade successfully with the use of Pin Bar patterns. It will help traders who make use of pin bar patterns and allow them to get rid of patterns that are less likely to be successful.

Trading techniques that experienced forex traders utilize to get rid of unwanted forex trading patterns and false signals.

Pin Bars in Trends

It is usually best to seek out for a Pin Bar pattern that follows the market trend. The implication of this is that you need to avoid the pin bar that moves against the present trend if you hope to be successful.

It is very hard to trade counter-trend pin bar. When a trader does learn how to trade them, they can bring interesting results, but to learn counter-trend Pin Bars, you have to be quite the professional and have loads of experience.

The most utilized techniques among traders who trade with Pin Bars is to look for pin bars that move alongside the trend.

Pin Bars in Trends

However, you need to ensure that you enter at the right position and at the suitable time frame to enable you to establish the trend and properly evaluate it. The H1 and H4 time frames are rather well-liked for trading this pattern.

Time frames that are smaller than H1 illustrate fake Pin Bars more frequently and the risk of a failed trade is higher. On the contrary, daily and longer time frames can illustrate this pin bar candle pattern as minimally as once every month.


Concentrating on Pin Bars produced on the level of support or resistance

Every trader definitely knows that there’s no constant trend in the forex market and it only occurs occasionally and that the markets swings to one side and are termed neutral.

When the market is in a neutral position, it creates strong support and resistance. These can act as serve as a way into the market. The market and price positions rebuff forward and backward a few times, and the market can only push through only after many trials.

And the creation of Pin Bars on this support and resistance levels indicates to traders that the price level at that position would probably be real and that the market will rebuff from that position.

Concentrating on Pin Bars produced

We could roughly assume that Pin Bars created at these positions and, for instance passing through the key trend could be a good tool for trade.

How to discover Weak and Strong Pin Bars

There are many Pin Bars as far as the candlestick is concerned. As a general rule, the larger the wick, the less likely is the market to move at the specific price level. It is not only determined by the wick size, the size of the body of the candles stick is equally important.

When the candlestick body is very is small, the possibility of the market to move in the opposite direction is very high. On the contrary, the larger the body of the candlestick body created in the direction of the trend, the less likely it is for the market to move in the opposite directions.