Where Do I Start When I Need to Decide On an Account Control Network?

The Information security company that you choose should have a deep understanding of the system and technologies that make up an Account Control Network (ACN) and should have worked with vendors for several years to ensure you understand and use these systems effectively. They should also have a commitment to customer service.


Understanding the system requires knowledge of how to apply your own compliance standards to the technology you are utilizing. If your company has purchased an Account Control Network from a vendor and you find it is not working in the way you expect it to, they will be happy to work with you to develop a customized solution.


With the advent of Virtual Networking, Application Monitoring Network (AMN), or Network Monitoring Network (NMN), vendors are offering businesses high availability (HA) solutions that provide real-time monitoring. They are often called ECN solutions because they allow users to monitor their network traffic and activity and provide real time alerts based on the applications running in a virtual environment. This can include Active Directory, SNMP, Oracle, NSX, Cisco SENTCOM, Virtustream.


When you are looking at choosing an Account Control Networks (ACN) for your environment, consider these features:


Your alerting capabilities may depend on the Active Directory configured in your Network Management Center (NC) server. You want to make sure you select an ACN that can monitor both Active Directory and user applications. When you select an ACN with multiple applications, such as Virtustream, you may get better access to alerts and response times.


Since an NC allows users to access your network via PSTs, it is important to find an ACN that supports Active Directory for PST. Many ACNs are only able to access your network through PSTs if it is an Active Directory-based environment. For example, Virtustream products can only access Active Directory, Active Directory users, and users who have logged in with a valid Active Directory password.


Because of the monitoring capabilities offered by many vendors, you may have to select a NC product that includes Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Firewall capabilities. If you want to choose an ACN that offers Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System features, you need to compare products to determine which is the best option for your environment. Some of the vendors offer this, but not all of them.


Alerts can include a lot of information, including system conditions, devices connected to the network, and changes to files and folders. You need an ACN that allows you to customize and manage alerts based on these different types of alerts.


You want to determine which capabilities of the ACN you need to meet your network security needs. Some network monitoring solutions allow you to set up a monitoring and reporting schedule.


It is a good idea to review the vendor's customer service and training and their website before you make your decision. You want to know what response time you can expect from them. You want to feel that you are getting the support you need and that you will be able to reach them quickly when problems arise.


A company that works with a vendor should be able to send you training to get you up to speed on what you need and want for your account control network. You should feel confident that your employees and managers are knowledgeable about how to deploy and configure your network and know how to troubleshoot problems quickly. You should also feel confident that the employees that will be running the network are knowledgeable about the capabilities and features of the ACN and can troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.


Make sure that the ACN vendor, your management team, and your staff know what you need and want and are able to deliver on it. Use the forums available for your product to ask questions or get tips for selecting the right solution for your company.